Stories Of The Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places is the only site documenting the abandoned and forgotten structures and infrastructure of our world. It is a collection of nearly 1000 structures and structures abandoned and forgotten structures and infrastructure of our world. It is a collection of nearly 1000 structures that we lov

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Find Abandoned Places without ever leaving your home.

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Compare abandoned places in Japan with your own

What do abandoned places have that other locations don't? These locales have a distinct atmosphere, a feeling that captures many urban explorers. The combination of the unknown and the depth of what you're seeing from beneath the surface is exciting. Keep an eye out for urban exploration videos on this channel.

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What can you learn from abandoned places? ★★★★☆

Hey, are you interested in abandoned places? We are! The world is our playground, or should that be playground? That's why our program is all about abandoned places, Urban Exploration, and the city of Washington DC. We love trains, tunnels, power lines, gas stations, oil tanks, rivers, complicated engineering, unusual architecture, and more! Join us for the journey to the complicated engineering!.

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⛔ Explore abandoned and lost places. ⛔

Explore photos and stories from abandoned places and the history of urban exploration with Photo Journal. Photo Journal is a unique and unique space that explores the unknown with photography and stories of abandoned places and spaces in the world.

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Explore abandoned or lost places around Europe ⚜︎

Abandoned places are exciting locations for urban explorers, as is exploratory urbanism. Other common terms for urban exploration include exploratory urbanism and exploratory urbanism.

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The History of Abandoned and Lost Places

Preserving and restoring America's abandoned places.

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Explore Abandoned Orchards Around Europe ★★★★★

The abandoned places are back, the battle is to reclaim them, and your team is up for the challenge.

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Explore abandoned and lost places around Europe

Explore photos and the histories of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Do we really need to explain this?

Learn about Abandoned Places and Urban Exploring through your photos.

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See the best urbex locations around Europe

Exploring abandoned places is a growing trend in Western society. These dwellings are abandoned due to a variety of reasons including natural disaster, long-term neglect, financial disaster, and gentrification.

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Explore abandoned places around the world. ★★★★★

Hit the dirt with us as we explore the skys & the underground. We spend a lot of time looking for abandoned buildings, abandoned places and decaying structures. Get a peek at what we find and tell us what you think.

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Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe

Abandoned places are a time capsule for how a place looked a thousand years ago and a window into a place's history. We share our experiences with urban exploration and other urban photography.

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See what abandoned places used to be

Photographer and member of the ATX Urban Exploration group, Zac Robinson joins host Leif Hart to discuss his website which showcases abandoned places and urban exploration.

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Discover the stories behind the abandoned places

The world-famous Abandoned Places have certainly held their own over the years, but in recent years the extreme measures taken to preserve them have come at a cost. This how-to book is meant to serve as a guide in exploring these destinations in.

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⛔ Explore the transition of abandoned places ⛔

The Abandoned and Lost Places category includes a wide range of abandoned and historical locations from all around the world. Lovers of abandoned places, urban explorers, historians and photographers all find enjoyment exploring these sites.

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Looking for hidden abandoned and lost places ⚠️

#AbandonedPlacez is your one stop shop for urban exploration imagery. We showcase where to find abandoned places in your neighbourhood, across the world, and deep in the earth. From abandoned buildings to graveyards to scenes of urban decay,.

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Browse through abandoned places on our website

Explore photos and the histories of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration.

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Explore urbex locations, read about the history

If you're an urban explorer, this channel is perfect for you. It has a lot of great content, from features on abandoned buildings and structures, to favorite abandoned places from all around the world. You'll find a lot inspiration from our channel, as well as a great way to learn about everything from urban exploration to photography.

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